Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Ghostly figure caught on camera at a cemetery in Liverpool (video)

This is the haunting moment a GHOST appears to have been caught on camera in a Liverpool cemetery.

What looks like a silvery white figure was captured in the grounds of St James Mount and Gardens.

In the footage, posted today on Facebook page - ‘The Way I See Liverpool’ - a figure can be seen on the path of the gardens.

It appears and disappears throughout the one minute 20 second video and seems to be gliding back and forwards along the path.

There are also times that the eerie figure, appears to be looking forward and arguably a face can be seen.

The historic 10 acre site is known for its hauntings as it holds the remains of nearly 58,000 people according to historian Mike Faulkner.

On a website of history on St James Cemetery it is reported that there are a catalogue of weird and wonderful people buried in the grounds.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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